Hope @ a Rum Bar

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, Declares the lord, Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I had this scripture in a card that was given to me a while ago. When Micah was born, I cut the scripture out and placed it on his newborn photo that I had on my locker at work. I believe that signs are all around us and angels walking amongst us. However, I never believed I would meet one at a Rum bar. It was a typical Thursday evening that my son would spend with his father. I have become acclimated to trying new things on the days he spends with his father. This allows me to get back in touch with myself and learn more about the woman I am becoming. Most of my friends think I’m crazy but I do a lot of things alone. Anyone that knows me, knows I wait for no one. I decided to head to this Rum Bar that just opened in a town close to mine. Every time I went with someone it was always packed, but when your alone you can always find a single bar seat. I was excited not just about the drinks, but I am also a “foodie” and extreme food critique. I cook extremely well, so it takes a lot for me to give good reviews on a new restaurant. For the last few weeks I have been going on this emotional rollercoaster with this co-parenting shit and there was nothing a little rum punch couldn’t help. I sat down next to this Caucasian man who wasn’t really my type, but he looked a few years older than me and seemed really nice. When your single like me, its important to keep your options open because Mr. Right is not coming to you the way you may expect. Your idea of “Mr. Right” vs. God’s version of “right for you” may not be your “type”.  I believe any person that has a type is bound to repeat or continue in a repetitive cycle of dating the same people in different bodies. At this stage in my life, I need mental stimulation and after be deprived for the last 10 years my mind craves it. I ordered my food and drinks but the waiter ended up bringing my meal before the appetizer. Service to me is everything but after my first drink, I was not bothered by the mix-up. The man sitting next to me noticed this and began conversation. Immediately, I noticed he had a wedding ring and thoughts began to cross my mind about his loyalty. Was he going to try to talk to me as if he is not wearing a sign of his commitment? Even if he did, at this point I have been blocking these types of situations left and right. Ladies, I know you seen the meme. God is not going to send you someone elses husband! We introduced ourselves through handshakes and he proceeded to tell me his credentials. This man just recently got married to the love of his life after having a failed marriage of not even a year. He worked as an electrical engineer and traveled the world. It was so nice to talk to someone who did things or had things I inspired to have. He was on a business trip and he was staying at a local hotel and randomly ended up at this rum bar. He never once was inappropriate and spoke highly of his wife and their recent wedding. Its sad, but most of the married men/long-term men I knew complained about their marital commitment. Even though they were newly weds they had been together for six years. I told him briefly my situation and he was astonished at all of my relationship trials and how I manage to do all that I do. To make a long story short after a few laughs, conversations about our future endeavors, and a couple of drinks we decided to go our separate ways.  I am an extreme empath, so situations and people touch me in ways not everyone can experience. This man stood up from his chair to put his coat on and looked me straight in my eyes (something I was neglected of for years). He said to me ” However ,the man is that is going to come into your life for you and your son, is going to be one lucky guy. You truly are an amazing catch!” It may have been simple to the next chick, but to me I think he was an Angel! I wrote my list of all of the things I would want in a man, and he exemplified them right in front of my eyes. His professed love for his wife and love for himself. He knew what he wanted out of life and found someone who helped him in his healing process. Here at a rum bar, God reminded me that there are good men out there and that I was on the right path. Yes, I am still single after my divorce but I am preparing for our future. I refuse to settle and fall for ones potential. I come as a package and who I choose has to be a role model for my son. So I have to choose wisely. So that means I will have to wait. So just when I started to lose hope, I ran into gods angel at a rum bar. An example of Gods plan for me and his hope for my future. Cheers!


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