img_0929I had the day planned out just like every other weekend we spent together. Every free day with Micah is a day I take to explore with him. I may have been before or have experienced the scene before, however with him his curiosity makes the experience a million times better. I have been working out like crazy and making it an appoint to do so. I’m tired of not keeping my promises to myself and that day I even packed a gym bag. After the gym I felt amazing and realized how it is key to my emotional health and as a black woman we aren’t taught those things. If we are, we battle between the “I just got my hair done, I’m not trying to sweat it out” battle mentally or the invest we made financially. The workout was amazing and I was on this internal high. I couldn’t wait to take on my Saturday with my little man. We didn’t get to make it to the aquarium….I again was tested to face the last and most terrifying fear of mine. I got into a car accident with my amazing four-year old son! Anyone that knows me is aware of the amount of death I have faced. They also know that when I was five months pregnant with Micah, after losing London, had a terrible accident that flipped my brand new SUV upside down on a downtown Springfield sidewalk. I lost a child almost 8 months prior, so imagine how I felt the day this occurred. I left the scene of a hit and run accident with a few burns on my arms from the airbags, and a heavy heart filled with concern for my unborn child. At the hospital, they gave me an ultrasound and announced the gender of the baby. This was how I found out that Micah was going to be a boy! The doctor stated “Everything appears to be fine, he is doing well?” of course I am looking at him like what do you mean he? He obviously was not aware that we did not know the gender until he said it. Of course he tried to clean it up after he realized we did not know but it was too late at that point. Fast forward, four years later I experienced an almost fatal accident with my four year old strapped in the back carseat. I went to pick up my girlfriend Briana to spend the afternoon with us. She loves Micah as her own and it truly lights me up to see the relationship they have together. It was mid-afternoon and Micah was ready for his nap and I preferred if he got some sleep because I couldn’t deal with the whining if he didn’t. He requested to hear Adele, as this was his night/nap time music per usual. Briana and I were having deep conversation about life and relationships and how we are both on the path to becoming better versions of ourselves. I recall hearing the ringing noise from my vehicle telling me the passenger seatbelt was not being used. She was so into the conversation that she forgot to put it on. Briana is the type to do her whole makeup transformation in the car, and that day, I had her single/no child having behind to be out the door early. “Briana put your seatbelt on!” was the reminder I gave to her 10 minutes before we were hit in the rear. I recall driving on 76 highway a major highway that leads to Philadelphia. There was a lot of traffic so we proceeded to slow down. I recall seeing a black truck that was trying to switch into my lane. At this point we pretty much were at a complete stop. The vehicle in my rearview mirror screeched to stop but couldn’t stop and slammed right into the rear of my vehicle. The impact knocked my car into oncoming traffic and we stopped right before we had hit the guard rail. My son awoke once it was all over and I just burst into a hysterical cry of disbelief yet joy. The driver of this black truck never got out of his vehicle and I never saw his face.  We were so close yet so far away. The impact of the hit made my stomach fall to the floor because my prized possession was sitting in the rear in his car seat. My 2016 Acura handled very well because I was responsible for three lives that day. Afterwards, Briana and I talked about how amazing our brains are, and I have this obsession with NDE (Near Death Experiences). I’m sure many can attest to the mental blockage that occurs during a traumatic event such as a car crash. I don’t recall jolting forward or ever seeing Micah or Briana move as I was hit at 65 to 75 MPH from the rear of my vehicle. To be honest I don’t remember much until the vehicle had stopped. My body was in action but there is a lot that I can’t recall. My body aches as a result, but my loved ones are alive. I have seen so much loss in my life for some that is 31. I HATE Oak Grove Cemetery! Death is inevitable but Saturday I realized someone is looking out for us and I truly have a bigger purpose. Why are we so ungrateful? Some of us  complain about waking up everyday and doing our daily task when in reality it was a blessing to wake up. I cried and held Micah so tight because I wouldn’t be Kieona and would lose all hope in life, If I was to lose him. My mother called and told me about the dream she had of my grandmother the night before. My grandmother was the person in the accident instead during my mothers dream. I believe our loved ones that have passed connect to us during our dreams and she was warning my mother that this would happen. My grandmother is my guardian angel and she is protecting me to fulfill my life’s purpose. The funny thing is when she was alive we would always argue, but now I understand why. I always reminded her of herself and she wants a better life for me . She wants me to become what I was meant to be and to break the family generational curse. This woman is working overtime protecting me and I am forever grateful. Saturday, I just wanted to enjoy a day at the aquarium, and in a split second your life can change drastically. So to make a long story short …no more white cars for me and don’t invite me to the aquarium.


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