C.A.R.E Package

Good Evening everyone and thank you for the special invitation to come and celebrate with you for this inspirational event. I’m sure you have all read the program and the brief bio, however I would like to introduce myself formally. My name is Kieona Fairley and I was born and raised in Springfield Ma. I currently reside in Pennsylvania and work in Clinical Research for the American College of Radiology. I am a graduate of Bay Path university with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. I am a graduate student at Drexel University in a clinical research program. Last year, I purchased my first home and I am a frequent traveler. A single mother of a beautiful four year old son. Sounds great right! It appears on the outside and to society that I have it all together. Let me be the first to tell you I don’t. My reality is outside of all of my accolades and achievements I am also survivor of domestic violence. My Reality is that I am under construction. I battle with my weight, relationships both intimate and friendships, I am my own worst enemy most of the time, and lost my first son who was born stillborn. Basically what I want you to understand is spreading love doesn’t require an extensive background or degree. To spread love is to give love where you are right now, exactly as you are. I spent ten years in a relationship where I lost myself. I defined myself by who he wanted me to be, and when the relationship ended I was left to face myself. So for this special event I decided to share with you a C.A.R.E package, my way of spreading love to you. The care package consists of the key elements to healing and guidance for spreading love as you are, right where you are. C represents the cleansing process. Cleanse your environment and the people in your personal space. Positivity is key and fundamental to your healing and this process can be difficult because some of our friends or family can be poisonous to the process. Be mindful because not everyone doesn’t like change and the old you is what they have become accustomed to. If they are not feeding you good energy, surround yourself with ones that will! A represent the Assessment/Accepting process. During the healing process take the time to know you. Understand your behavior and the part you play in all of your relationships wether healthy or unhealthy. Every experience is a learning experience as long as your willing to be a student. Make some personal changes such as the things you do and the people you associate with. Take yourself out of your comfort zone. For me the assessment processes was tough because we hate to hear about our flaws. Be open to criticisms from people who genuinely love and support you. And the changes you are working towards to make for you new life. R stands for resilience and this is a word that I detest but know it’s importance. Resilience is the strength to accept the circumstances and have the strength to move forward. This also means to make changes in regards to the way you think! The words that speak become your reality. E represents energy and the light that you emit. Darkness teaches people to appreciate light. We as women can change our energy through exercise, self care and self love, through meditation, and support of other women. The C.A.R.E package is a way to give yourself love so that you can spread love. Spreading love requires the understanding that in many circumstances it’s not about you. It’s about taking your stories and your lessons to help others. Love is an act of Kindness and all it takes is one person. Thank you for allowing me to spread love to you all this evening.


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