Front Porch

It’s been on my mind since it has been brought to my attention that my grandmother’s home is going up for auction again. Everything about that home screams family, but it’s current physical state represent the status of our family…Broken. I want to purchase this home back from the state, because as a parent, I know how hard she worked to build a foundation for her children. She sacrificed her dreams for everyone else and this is something she has taught me not to do. As a parent we try to prepare our children for their futures financially but a trust fund or home does not teach life’s lessons. I was so disappointed seeing the home get sold because I knew what she sacrificed just to obtain that. I learned from her to give my son the fundamentals or what I would call the   “I teach you what I learned for you to aspire to be better and wiser than me” fund. Money does nothing for someone who is not emotionally stable and prepared to receive. However, I can teach him his worth an value so that he will be abundant through the knowledge I have passed down to him. Anyone that knows my grandmother, knows her love of her front porch. It was a closed in porch that was shielded with glass. She observed her loved ones and life on the outside from this glass. It was her shield and her protection from people and the pain they brought. She knew everything about everyone even before they told her. She gave up on life and lost her faith and the house wasn’t a home anymore. She lost her husband and two children all in the same year. She was misunderstood and all the kids of the neighborhood feared her as she was the “grinch” of the neighborhood. The front porch became her protection and shield but it also magnified her fears. As her blood, I am taking it upon myself to break that shield and generational curse. I am shattering that barrier of glass and facing my fears. I am my grandmother, except I will use God as my shield. My faith has been tested on multiple occasions but he has remained as my shield and guide through it all. I am trusting God to fulfill the promise he has made to me and with that my job is to prepare. Get off the front porch and step outside of your comfort zone to experience the beauty of life. Ask yourself what have you chosen as your shield? Are you preparing for your blessings? Build your children to aspire to do more than you as a parent!


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