The Calm after the storm

Its been a while since I have made a post, but you guys have to understand the complex life I live. I work full-time, mother full-time, grad student part-time, single parent home owner, Blog-writer part-time, Career/passion driven, still haven’t written my book, trying to date, still healing, social butterfly, and all while still trying to live in my purpose. Its been pretty quiet on my end, and I feel as though God is working on my request for peace. Things were pretty crazy for a while in the co-parenting department, we could not agree to disagree for anything. When you ask for peace be mindful that some people may be removed from your space for a reason. It has been an eye-opening experience but enlightening as well. With my circle being so small, my decisions are made much easier and are based off of my own judgement. I spent a lot of time in the past asking for others opinions on my own personal matters, leaving me to do things others sought fit. Not anymore. Spending a lot of time on myself through working out and treating myself. I don’t think people realize it but dating yourself is so much cheaper. I am attracting guys that like to court women and actually enjoy hearing me talk. My blood pressure is in control because at one point my body was constantly in the flight or fight mode. 32 is going to be a good age for me because I no longer need to apologize for me being me. I am who I am and if it is not fitting for you then you can dismiss yourself. Everything I asked God for I have received. My current position is not perfect but it damn sure is close. My path is clear! There is no trees, or rubble obstructing my path. I have jumped over hurdles over the years but nothing has ever stopped me in my tracks. I am learning to detach from outcomes and accept things as they come. Also reminding myself that I am the prize and the gift for anyone whom I bless with my presence. This is for anyone that is experiencing a lot of drama currently in their life, ask yourself what role do I play in this? How can I minimize the confrontation? Who do I need to eliminate from my space? I will remind you that there is a calm after the storm. You are in control of your space, but it requires some self-reflection to understand the cause of the drama. At one point, my life could have been a hit reality show (probably could still be but not a hit), something similar to Love and Hip-hop. It took me to realize that I am not that girl. Remove yourself if you love yourself. Invest that valuable time into something much more fruitful. Now I sit back and enjoy this calm after the storm!


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