Meaningful gifts

I am a giver and lover of meaningful gifts. If you don’t know what a meaningful gift is, then your missing out. A meaningful gift,is a gift that is given to you, or by you from the heart. It takes a lot of work to give someone meaningful gifts. You have to actively listen to the person about their desires and things that they love. You have to know the person on an intimate level, knowing them beyond the surface. I am very passionate about leaving my mark on people. I received a lot of things through my previous relationship from my ex but he was never the type to actually put thought into a gift. I did not keep any of the things he has ever brought me because they never had any value. What I mean by that is they did not come from a good place. Recently he returned the items he took from me as a way of bridging the divorce and conflict gap. He felt as though it was the right time to finally return items that rightfully belonged to me (this including my passport). One of the items were a painting he had got for me on a trip to Haiti to see his family. I always was intrigued by his culture and looked forward to the items he would bring back home. This particular time we were separated but he thought to bring me an original piece of art made in Haiti. I love art and this particular piece was breathtaking. To be honest I truly think his mother picked it out because he never put much thought into his gifts. To make a long story short, I finally got the painting framed. As I was placing it on the wall, I began to really take in the art. I don’t think he realized this but he gave me a piece of art that reflected who I have become. I am the strong black woman in the photo with her head held high. With the universe working in her favor. She is the universe. She is aware. Aware of what she was, and what see has become. She marches to the beat of her own drum. She is in control of creating her own paradise. That woman in that meaningful gift, in that unique piece of art is me. This said a lot to me about how I’m perceived, as opposed to what people say. Our divorce and separation was ugly but one thing he does know is my strength and my unique light.  Gifts that are given by loved ones obtain their value through the thought that was put into the gift, not the price tag. I am not a materialistic woman, the nice things I want I can buy for myself. Meaningful gifts mean the world to me.


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