Celebrate in silence…

I am a very open person and love to share good news but recently I am becoming more aware of public celebration. I will use my son as an example as he is an innocent child. Every time that he gets something new or has something really cool he goes on a rant to all that will pay attention. Micah gets so excited to share with the world whatever new and exciting thing he received or accomplished. There has been many times where I had to shoot him down because his behavior could have been perceived as bragging. There is a fine line in this situation and all depends on the individuals perception. Micah, as I stated before is an innocent child and would be excited to share with others his happiness. It’s unfortunate, the world we live in,because many perceive this form of celebration as bragging or boasting. The problem with some people is when someone else is celebrating a victory within their life, jealousy appears when the other’s perceived “lack” is highlighted or magnified. What I mean by this is the envy arises when the non celebratory individual feels an area of their life is lacking. It is so important to monitor your energy in these circumstances because it can determine your fate. If you feed someone else’s celebration with negativity because of your “lack” you will repel this from occurring for you. I always believe that when I see things happening for others, that I am on the same frequency. If you remain positive, and trust whatever you ask for you will receive. As for those who envy because of the “lack” they will repel from their alignment of the receiving frequency. Things that we think we lack or don’t have are frequently highlighted in our lives. For example, when your single everybody and their mother is in a relationship and it appears to be a Cinderella story for them all. I remember having a breakdown after being seperated for a year and unsuccessful dating. I broke down to my friends with anger of how much I deserved to be in a healthy happy relationship. What motivated the rant was me grocery shopping, and seeing two midgets appear to be happy in love. Nothing against small people love but I was like damn, what about me lord? I know now that not everything is what it seems and you never know what it took for them to get there. So back to the celebration in silence, be mindful of others energy towards your victories. There are people out there that will wish you bad and curse the very thing you were celebrating. So from now on in my personal, and professional life I will celebrate in silence until my victory is set in stone. The very thing you may think someone is bragging about is potentially a highlight of your own insecurity. Just some food for thought!


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