This picture just resonates with me every time that I come across it! I wanted to speak on the importance energy. I knew about energy, but never realized its connection within me outside of the scientific understanding. Energy exists in various forms especially physically, mentally, and spiritually. Energy can provide sources of strength and vitality when positive, but there is an opposing aspect to everything. Negative energy can be depleting and physically and mentally draining. The words we speak are a vibrational energy that creates the life around us and within us. This also includes our thoughts, a mental form of energy. This photo reflects the importance of protecting your energy. The skeleton to me represents an empty soul. What I mean by empty is one with no soul or self recognition. One that is unaware of their emptiness but feeds off the energy of others. As a woman or man, your body is your temple. Every thing or person that enters your temple can pass there positive or negative energy. To make love is to transfer love energy, it is a transfer of emotions and love for one another. This photo is of a woman giving her temple to an empty soul. One that absorbs her very fullness. Her curves exemplify vitality and her wholesome soul. The skeleton bites her shoulder which may seem minimal to some, for me shows the minor pain of the beginning. This may be the first time this women is sleeping with this man, or first time see is seeing him for who he is. The bite can also portray the thin line between pain and pleasure and her confusion of what she already knows is wrong. We know when we are dealing with the wrong person. If they bring confusion…it is not right! If they are emotionally unavailable…it is not right! If they don’t care for themselves, how can they love or nourish you? Every time this woman has sex with this man, he is taking a piece of her soul. She is absorbing his negative energy and he is depleting her positive energy. It is similar to Cancer as it attacks slowly and can be deadly. Protect your space, and your temple of empty souls. Feed yourself with positive energy. Every person you are intimate with you are filling your temple with the souls and energy of all they have been with. When you are carrying a child in the womb, the energy that it took to create that child sets the tone for the child’s life. So the next time you think to sleep with someone think to yourself …are they worth sharing a piece of my soul? #itsmorethanjustthephysical


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