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I recently came across this situation with a friend of mine and have personally experienced it firsthand. This is a public service announcement to all women and young girls that are in an unhealthy relationship. If a man’s momma says to you he is no good and you don’t need to be bothered with him…RUN! As women we think too much, and in most circumstances people mean what they say. I have a degree in Psychology, so I am always over analyzing stuff. When his Momma tells you he is no good, that is not translation for you are the girl to save him. It does not mean that she likes you enough to save you either. She is telling your ass to RUN! I wish I would have had someone to tell me this when I experienced this, but every situation is a learning one. As a mother of a son, I have a real concern for the mothers who actually relay this information. First off, as a mother, my child (son) is a reflection of my parenting and if I have to warn you about him, what does that say about me? Second, I may appear to genuinely like you because I am telling you this, but what does this say about my character as a human being? Those same mommas that warn you about their son are the ones that support their “boyish” behaviors. This including the fact that his side chick has probably already met her and you are just another one of his victims. As a mother, I would not condone certain behavior from my son and especially in my presence. As a momma, how do you feel going about describing your son in such a manner as if he was an ex that did you wrong? It all starts at home and at an early age! K Michele told us “You can’t raise a man!” and she was exactly right. So if you are dating a guy and his momma says something to you about him being no good…RUN. She is giving you some valuable insight into what your getting yourself into…firsthand. #GETOUT #MOMMAWARNEDYOU


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