Depression is Black…

Black is defined as the ” darkest color owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light.” Black represents darkness and negativity, it is the absence of light or positivity. Depression is black and effects people of color daily. I am what they refer to as black, a title that was given to us to permanently cloud us from the light within. We as blacks don’t call it depression, we like to use the word struggle. As I became an adult, and became responsible for my own understanding of life, I realized it is a mindset. Depression is an internal fight of good vs. evil and heaven vs. hell. An internal fight that we create and carry through our genetic predisposition and it ignites with our environment. Depression and negativity can suck the life out of you and the will to live. It is an energy that focuses on the lack that attract more of the lack. It is the energy that focuses on fear and pain of the past. Depression, that negativity, is a silent killer within our community.  It amplifies the feelings of unworthiness, and dreams are shattered. High blood pressure, diabetes, reproductive issues, mental health issues, and poor self-care/love are all physical signs of a persons battle. They say it requires more energy to frown than to smile. We have to remind ourselves that we are the creators of our own destiny. Not where we come from or who was responsible for loving us. The church teaches people that God is in the sky or outside of ourselves. I believe god and the light is internal. Tap into your light and remind yourself of your life’s purpose. Regain that fearlessness and love we had as a child. Love and light always prevails but if you feel like your losing the battle to negativity, seek help. Depression affects people of all cultures and colors especially black.


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