You are in control…

I came across working in clinical trials accidentally, but have tons of experience working in healthcare. After reading the story of Henrietta lacks and observing my grandmothers battle with cancer, I want to remind people you are in control of your health/temple. First of all, we as humans place way too much value on others titles and positions. Titles announce ones level of experience or education. It means they specialize or are experienced in this particular area. However, it does not make them right. It is important especially as women to be in tune to your body. Learn about yourself both inside and out. A physician diagnoses you off of what they are able to see and the symptoms you have told them. Do not give someone say over what should and should not occur with your body. Black women, they do not have a lot of information in regards to both our mental and physical health. My experience with the loss of my son and a recent experience has opened my eyes to the medical industry. It is a business, from the prescriptions they prescribe to the referrals. When I was pregnant with London, my water broke thanksgiving of 2011. I went to the emergency room of a hospital and they told me my water didn’t break. I went to my OBGYN over the next week, every other day at 41 weeks pregnant and they continued to tell me it did not break. They said the baby is probably sitting on my bladder and that is potentially why I was leaking. My son fought without amniotic fluid for five days. That Saturday he was found stillborn without fluids. I knew something was wrong , and saw water gush on the floor thanksgiving day before I cut my portion of turkey. I trusted them to the point I underestimated my own intuitions. Recently, after having no medical insurance for two years I went for an annual check up. I got blood work done because it’s been a while since I went to the doctor. I called them over the next few weeks for the results and finally they provided me with access to the patient portal. I noticed some numbers were off in some of the labs,and googled the terminology I didn’t understand. Once I put two and two together, I contacted the physician to discuss my concerns. He mentioned that I was potentially pre-diabetic and my blood pressure had been running high. The thing is genetically since I provided them with my demographics and family history this would be normal. Let me explain something to you… just because you are predisposed to a disease does not mean you will acquire it. With the right mindset and physical excercise you can control your outcome. I was in a crappy relationship and just went through a divorce. My bills were sky high, and I wasn’t in a good place. Let me tell you depression can kill you. Black women please take the time to ask questions in regards to your health. This is your wellness. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when it comes to treatment you are receiving. Document side effects and symptoms you are experiencing. Physicians have lost a lot of trust amongst the public especially when it comes to clinical trials and the urban community. The purpose of this blog is to remind people that if something does not feel right or sound right become your own health advocate. My grandmother had an eighth grade education level so medical terminology wasn’t comprehensive to her. Back in the days if the doctor said it you do it. Physical health is your wealth. Your body is your temple. A genetically predisposed disease is the wick of a candle. It needs to be ignited through bad health choices such as lack of healthy food choices and no excercise. You write this story, become your own advocate of your temple.


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