Think like a man…

I have come to the understanding that men are much smarter when it comes to making relationship moves. I want to highlight that I said men not boys. Men are more prone to making relationship decisions with their heads. Yes, I said heads as they have two! Boys are the ones that may make a decision solely based off the physical/sexual connection they have with a girl. This being a decision that obviously is made from the lower region head. A man will make this decision off the basis of these two components. Men will have a physical/sexual attraction to a woman but makes sure the woman has substance and will be a good fit for partnership. As woman, we get caught up in those good old emotions. We are emotional creatures and nurturers by our makeup but emotions can cloud our judgement. Our emotions as women make us question our initial judgement on a potential partner. I’m not saying all women, as we are becoming much wiser, but it requires us to silence the heart and our emotions and  make the proper judgment of the potential’s character. For instance, we will have requirements prior to stepping onto the dating scene but then get lost in a potential’s charm. He doesn’t have transportation or is in between jobs, that’s okay I can help him somehow with that because I like him. Like, is what gets us into trouble. Seeing one’s potential as opposed to their actions, should contribute to your decision in becoming serious. Don’t just see someone for who they could become, because they may not see it for themselves. The vision you may have for them, may not be what they want for themselves or are willing to try and obtain. Men look for women that contribute to their current situation. She adds to him not take away. We as women look at men with issues and think we can be the answer. There is the old saying “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” Many women don’t know there is a thin line between giving and supporting. Once we cross into the giving this increases his expectations, which then leads to less appreciation from him. You begin to play the mother role, and less spouse/girlfriend. Men are very simple and women, I’m sorry but we are much more complex. We go to our girlfriends for advice about our relationship only to hear a overanalyzed and incorrect interpretation of his words. I am still trying to understand this but what a man says is usually what he meant. There is no underlying feelings or emotions attached to it. However, when your dealing with boys this can be conflicted. I have come across a lot of men that do not know how to express their emotions. As one of my best friends would say, the dating scene is a “Game”. Trust me, I don’t like to play games and I’m getting my ass beat every time. I’m going to take my own advice and think like a man, lets see how I plays these cards this time around. With my head in the game, and my heart on standby!


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