Good girl vs. Bad girl

I played the good girl role for most of my life. Yes, I said played because I was doing what others wanted me to do. I would be the lifetime achiever Oscar winner. I was always focused and driven but really fought betweeen right and others “not right”. A good head on my shoulders, well spoken and polite are just a few of my “good qualities”. These are the things that came natural to me. At times I’m shy but definitely have a wild side. I worked so hard playing this role, that I was disappointed for not doing some things I wanted to. Most of the things were never to hurt others or disgrace my family, but I have come to believe were fundamental to my growth. I was like every other child,   I wanted to make my parents proud. Not just make my parents proud but to get that VIP section in heaven. At 32 I’m finally letting go of my role of the good girl.  There is not much of a difference between a good girl and bad girl. The only difference is the good girl thinks on those “bad girl” behaviors but doesn’t act them out. I was so concerned and at times still am, of the reputation I am building. I am letting go of maintaining this image and making decisions solely off of what I want. It’s okay to be sexual, confident, and flirt. Wear what you want, dance how you want. Live life to learn and love. Only through going out of your comfort zone will you experience your true self. Shout out to the “bad girls”. The girls who are misunderstood. The girls that break the barrier and limitations society has placed on women. The more confident a woman is the more she knows her value. #Badgirlsclubnewestmember


One thought on “Good girl vs. Bad girl

  1. Girl I am feeling this I have to get my badgirl card back. I have been on lock down, my badgirl is mad at me for the suppression.

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