What are you waiting for?

Tiller said it best “I guess all I ever had to do was take this shit a little more serious”. My son’s father mentioned to me today that I needed to take my writing more seriously. I understood what he meant because I became defensive. Yes, we become defensive when we feel like someone is highlighting something we are lacking. I constantly ask myself “What are you waiting for?I push everyone else to follow their dreams, but what the hell am I waiting for to complete this book? Originally it was because I listened to the naysayers. This including family…”What about your book is different?” After speaking to my cousin, she made me realize that it was my story. Every woman that has a child, loves to share their birthing story. It is a tradition amongst women when speaking of their children, to share how they were brought into this world. Every process from how they are conceived, to how they are born are unique. Mothers of multiple children love sharing how different their pregnancy was with each child. We as mothers all had similar goals but different outcomes to reach that goal. Some were successful and other not. I love watching Super Soul Sunday and visualize myself being interviewed by Oprah in regards to my experience and my new bestseller “London’s prints”. Last Sunday she was interviewing Sheryl Sandberg the operating officer and bestselling author of Lean in. This time it was more personal. She was interviewing Sheryl Sandberg in regards to her most recent book “Option B” in which she talks about the grieving process after the sudden death of her husband. I commend her for her bravery as she through the process shared her grieving story. I know personally for me this helped the grieving process tremendously. However, I want to point out that she was still there. When I say there, I mean she was still enduring her emotional rollercoaster while channeling herself and helping others. A lot of people, including myself, feel the need to become prior to doing. What I mean by this is we feel we need to be there before we reach out to help others. I am coming to realize that this is not the case. Albert Einstein created this theory or statement that “time is an Illusion”. This statement is extremely true, but why do we as humans neglect this very statement. Our realities and daily task distract us from this very fact, leaving us to believe we have it in an abundance. With that, it allows us to push off dreams, and goals everyday that God gives us the opportunity to fulfill them. It has been almost six years since the death of my son and every year passes and I have yet to fill this goal. I’m done making excuses, so my question to you is what are you waiting for?


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