Everybody has an opinion …

Just like everyone has an asshole. My father used to say this to me but I rarely paid it any attention. The conversation I had today with T.o.n.y could have been simplified with that same phrase. Life is funny because yes T.o.n.y was the same man that “ghosted” on me when I “wanted” him, and here he was, an ear on my long commute home from the office. Participating actively as a friend when I was in need. He had no clue as to my frustration but wanted to be there and although time has passed since our encounter, he genuinely remembers me for me. We talked about how so many people have opinions on others individualized situation. Opinions that they believe can contribute to the person and their circumstance. The only problem is a lot of the time that person may have experienced something similar but not the exact same situation. This can be an issue especially with people like me. I am easily persuaded by friends,family, and loved ones and their advice on what I should or should not do. It has got to the point that I hear their advice louder over my own intuition and that is a problem. I love quotes and watching super soul Sunday. I have read every get fucking happy book and love finding book you could think of. Every lesson learned from those who share including me should be to inspire. Always keep in mind that these were all individualized paths and journeys they traveled. What they learned along the way was their take from the individualized experiences and relationships. Take in and learn but be open to your own lesson that is there for you because you just may miss it. Everybody has an opinion just like everyone has an asshole, take from it what you want but always remember to choose the path right for you. The one in which you decided solely off of your own heart and mind. We are all on this journey alone. Everyone else is casting in your movie. We all provide advice on our level of understanding and personally experience. My advice… follow your heart with your mind at hand… hopefully you have cast that will be there to pick you up just in case you fall nonjudgmental, and not to say they told you so. Just an ear to listen and good ole advice on standby.


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