Our lives highlight our demons…

What someone says about their life isn’t always true. Majority of the time and especially in today’s society, we sheild our personal battles. We don’t share the ugly but glorify the beautiful aspects of our lives. If you ever want to know the truth, take a look at someone’s life they are creating. The personal demons we fight are highlighted through our daily struggles. My personal demons were highlighted through my sons father and his ex-girlfriend. Accountability is so important and we tend to forget that we attract people and our circumstances with our mindset. My sons father has issues with consistency. He never was consistent in our relationship and also to himself. I expected consistency from him but lacked it within myself. Not being consistent with my weight and healthy eating, my consistency to love myself. His shortcomings annoyed the hell out of me only to realize it was a reflection of how I was within myself. The disrespect and bad mouthing was a repeat of the things I have once spoken to myself. The things that bother you are there to teach you a lesson. Now his ex girlfriend she  really made me question this because she appeared to be the exact opposite of me. Her beliefs were different and lack of empathy as a woman really disturbed me. She was the woman that I could have been, and the woman I was. I was the other woman but by me being “respectfully disrespectful ” I believed bad karma would bypass me. No instead karma appeared as a young woman of two children with a vengeance. A woman that could careless about being “respectfully disrespectful” and would fight for the man at any cost. She like myself wanted to be claimed, she wanted love from a man. Her ways and words were that of anger and hatred. I never had the energy to feel that way towards anyone. The drama that was once in my life was a reflection of the internal demons I had to fight. Those demons of worthlessness, pain, desperation and making temporary decision of long term situations. I built bad karma and spent the last year by myself watching it like an episode of power. I went from the student and became the teacher, now I’m on to the next lesson. Beware of your feelings towards your enemies and haters as they highlight your own internal demons. What angers you about another is a reflection of an issue within yourself. Pray for them to find their way. Just like I prayed for those who plotted for my demise.


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