Check In…

Do me a favor…I don’t need you to check in! You made a decision to step out of my life knowing I had abandonment issues. Yes, I am responsible for leaving the door cracked that should have smacked you in the ass when you left. Now you got your big ass head peeking through to see who is responsible for making me smile. I’m sure you have become a fan of my pictures on Facebook and blog post that may have mentioned you. I don’t need fans. Fans are people that love what you do for them not loving you for who you are. You said you always wanted what’s best for me but I believe that’s a lie. What’s best for me was a life without you and your negativity. Anything that brings confusion is really not good for you. I wasn’t sick or deathly ill but my happiness sparked your interest. I was living a life of happiness without you and you became intrigued. As an energy sucker you wanted to be filled, filled with the joy of life God instilled in me. You were confused as to why I was not torn. You did everything in your will to break me and I still prevailed. You even had a team of energy suckers that were unsuccessful. I blame myself for leaving a thimble of hope. A small piece of faith that you will recognize the woman that was in front of you. Yeah she fucked you over, and showed you what crazy really is … so you decided to check in on me. Last time I checked you don’t have a PhD, or any degree for that matter. You have always lacked empathy and concern for others. Your selfish ways were more concerned for my joy without you. So since your conducting check ins, write yourself a prescription, a medicine for awareness and accountability. Maybe even a pill for amnesia for the both of us. Because for just a second I forgot the pain you brought and you the damage you done. No need to check in…


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