I came to realize today that I am a screwed up superhero. Yes, I am the superhero that is aware of their capabilities to save others, but just haven’t quite figured how to use it for good. I referenced Hancock as the title because I am him. I have a ton of personal issues but the power to change lives around me. I became aware of this superpower years ago, but have no clue when and where to exactly use it.  I drink wine to ease my sensitivity to others emotions because I am an extreme empath. It helps me to tune out others emotions an problems just for the time being. When I decide to utilize my superpowers, the result is catastrophic. I am damaging to everything around me.  My superpower has become a burden as I have yet figured out the ultimate purpose. I am aware of my physical capabilities but emotionally my special powers leave me feeling drained. My super power is love. Instead of defeating the bad guys, I try healing them with my superpower. This only leads to feeding their negativity and them obtaining their power over me. I become weak, left questioning my ability to defeat them. Fear is my handicap. It disables me to the point where I consider myself as “normal”.  I am in Limbo, the point in which my abilities could either make me or break me. A point in which I have to realize my true purpose and focus .  I have wished it away, and have had many sleepless nights. In my sleep I fight to rest. I was called for something bigger but I was taught to think small. I am called to save others but have yet to save myself. I am a superhero who has fallen. One who has been defeated and lost hope within themselves. Even though I am Hancock, who is going to save me?


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