Chewbacca’s life lessons to a four year old…

To whom much is given much is required. Tonight while we were out at dinner, my four year old son reminisced about our disney world trip. I couldn’t help but to burst out and laugh because my son’s reaction to the incident was priceless. Micah loves all things Star Wars, and dragged me into taking him to the museum in Universal Studios. I’m not much of a fan but whatever puts a smile on his face, I will do. The museum was filled with those weird star troopers with some type of gun or handheld weapon. My son wanted to meet Chewbacca the extremely tall and hairy thing off of the film. We finally got in for a one on one quick chat and photo with this thing. I actually screamed a little at the site of how strange he looked. Micah found it hilarious but the thing that occurred after will forever stick with me. Chewbacca groaned a few words to one of the asssitants and they proceeded to walk towards us. The woman tells my four year old son that Chewbacca has chosen him to help with a special task. She handed him this card with a special map. My son kept looking at me and the woman like what is about to transpire or what am I not comprehending. The woman tells him that he has been appointed to hold this map/card with his dear life. He was also told to keep it away from the star troopers that were scattered all around the museum. At that moment I realized the shift in my son. His original excitement went to extreme panic. My son took the card/map and looked to me and said “mommy why did she pick me, I don’t want that responsibility.” I saw his fear and had to hold back from falling out laughing at his reluctance to adhere to his newly given responsibility. I know I won’t  always be able to do it for him in his future, but at the moment I eased his fear by taking the card and putting it in my leather aldo backpack. I told him not to worry he won’t have to do this alone. At that moment my son got a taste of adulthood at four. In this moment he realized that fighting star troopers for Chewbacca was not how he wanted to spend his Disney vacation. In that moment for me, I realized how so often, I was required to take on task I felt I wasn’t ready for or did not want to do. God had other plans for me. I was given a task that I am responsible for fulfilling but the responsibilities that come along with it I want nothing to do with it. We all have these Chewbacca experiences when we look at God or the universe like “really you want me to do what?”.  We could all learn from this situation and from Micah’s fear. Next time you are required to do something outside of your comfort zone or yourself. Just give it to God/universe. Let them be your guide. Who would have known! A Star Wars creature who didn’t talk, could teach such a valuable lesson. 


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