Patience requires you to wait, and this is a problem that I have.  This is where I have been humbled along this “process”. Your telling Ms. Independent, “anything I want I get on my own” to wait! I am currently in the meantime, in other words in between time. Both my personal and professional life have me in a place where I am productively waiting for some sign of progress. Right now in my current position in non-profit clinical trials research, we are required to do the job a whole year before possibly receiving the promotion. I can honestly say that I am extremely frustrated with this. Reason being, in my previous job there was a lot of nepotism. Not about the qualifications but more about “who you knew”. I have always been more than qualified in many areas and aspects of my life. but have yet found someone to see value what I had to offer. The true issue was I didn’t see my value of myself.  In my current position, I feel confident in the growth because of the energy, and faith my boss has in my capabilities. However, she cannot be the only one that sees this. I have to see it within myself. I have taken on task within the last six months that are outside of my job description. So that when it comes time, I can prove that I am worthy of the promotion. Patience can be a process that feels like hell or you can make it peaceful by shifting you energy towards it. Obviously my energy towards it was negative at first. My main concern was is this going to be a waste of my time. Or,  what if I give my all and still be rejected. Lately I have shifted my energy towards this and decided that in the end, I still win. Along this journey that requires patience, I am gaining knowledge and learning things that build me. I can vamp up my resume, and take my overqualified ass somewhere else where I would be of valued. There are many benefits as well that come along with patience, I just have to be open to receiving them. The Taurus in me wants that salary right now, that masters right now, that relationship right now, the body right now.  Nothing that I ever accomplished has come easy. I didn’t have the patience for the healing process. I am stubborn and tend to want things my way. If your struggling with this, just think of it this way. God is putting things and situations around you in slow motion. The slow motion allows you to evaluate the people and things your engaged in to see if it is something you truly want because if so, get ready to put in some work. Its a part of the process that sets the foundation and grounding for gratitude. You show more gratitude when the process is slowed down. You are forced to experience the emotions, situations , and lessons. If the process wasn’t slowed down requiring you to have to patience. Would we have the tools we need to be successful at the next stage. The stage in which we asked for. Allow God to slow down your process and ask for patience, for patience is the disciplined behavior for preparation. Are you prepared? Were you productive and patient?


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