We are taught throughout our lifetime that we are not responsible for other behaviors, we are only responsible for self. Well yesterday I had an epiphany. Ghandi said it best “Be the change you want to see in the world”, but what does that really mean? Your job is not to sit and wait for others to change, you do so for self. You can’t make someone change, however you can inspire them to do so. When you change, you promote, desire, and demand the same. You begin to attract the very things you give out.  Your environment, and the people around you will either conform, or leave you. When you begin to understand this, it will become easier to let go. The greatest gift is to share with others your trials and how you overcame them. Provide other with the resources you have obtained and the knowledge you have acquired. Unfortunately most people are not aware there is different. They have become so used to their norm, they are unaware that there are levels to growth. I have lost many friends and family along the way. I still love them but from a distance. Hopefully one day when they are ready, I can share with them my desire, and assist them with their change. My change affects all my loved ones around me. My advice is don’t wait for that person, situation, or circumstance to change. Be like Ghandi, take control of your life and you be that change.


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