Some people don’t think fire burn…

My grandmother would say this exact statement in her permanent Camden, Alabama accent. She left at a pretty young age but that country girl accent stuck with her throughout her life in New England. Everybody thought she was nuts, but in reality that woman made a lot of sense. At an early age, we are taught not to touch things that are hot. Especially not to play with fire. It appears that there are people out there that have yet to have learned their lesson. I understand that sometimes we are tempted to see what can occur. We have a choice as humans, and every choice we make results in consequences whether positive or negative. Over the last year I have seen negative karma unfold right before my eyes. The colorful flames of the fire when it changes can be beautiful to watch. When controlled and still It can provide comfort and warmth.  That same source of energy can provide pain, and destroy everything around it within a split second. I have a very calm demeanor  with an extensive level of patience. One thing that will drive my fire to be uncontrollable, is when my family is affected. So just in case your mother never taught you, let my grandmothers message be a lesson to you. I will sit back and watch, cause what God has in store for you is greater than anything I would have the potential to do. #yougonnalearntoday


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