Kill them with Kindness

Negativity needs to be fed for it to flourish. It is an energy, and when ignored it can become powerless and cease to exist. Look at the negative behavior in the perspective of a child having a temper tantrum. The child is acting out using negative behavior for attention. If you react, you are feeding the behavior and the child will continue. Like the saying not every action deserves a reaction, be mindful of the energy you put towards it. It takes discipline and will power to ignore negativity, but it is possible. I have encountered many situations especially this year dealing with such circumstances. The best thing to do is throw them off of their own agenda. When you are aware of the fact someone is doing something with ill intent. In a kind way, you can throw them off guard by letting them know that your aware and it doesn’t bother you.  The moment you show a sign of anger, you have lost. We all are responsible for our reaction and feelings. Yeah it may bother you that someone feels that way about you, but is that your issue? The answer is no! You grasp control of negativity when you remain positive. You don’t have to own someone else’s feelings or problems. Small minded individuals will view you not responding as a weakness.  When they see you still smiling or being kind even after their failure to hurt you, this will make them reevaluate their approach with you. Sorry kid but throwing a tantrum won’t work for me. #killthemwithkindness


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