Help! My brain is screaming Yes, but my body fights the words that try to come out of my mouth. I don’t know what has occurred in my life that I refuse HELP! My mother tells me it is the pride in me, but asking for help never seems to be the option. I am sure, I’m not the only one. I will be the first to volunteer if someone else needs it, but when offered, I immediately shut it down. It could be just the little things that may make life a bit easier. Like someone offering to take out the trash or even assist with the groceries. Yes, I am the one that will have ten bags in hand, determined to make it a one time trip from my car back to the house. I’m even offered help even when it comes to work duties. I may have a lot currently on my plate, but refuse to receive assistance in completing the task. Is it really just to say that I did it all by myself. Yeah, doing things all by yourself is cool and all, but can be hell. I stretch myself thin everyday trying to be superwoman.  Its true that you can’t give everything 100%, but I damn sure attempt to. Only to end up disappointed. Why am I so quick to give, yet deny myself of any assistance from another. My girlfriend pointed out to me the very fact that unconsciously, I may believe that I am unworthy. I deserve to give but don’t know how to receive. I am working on it. I now urge myself to allow others to do for me, as I have done so throughout the years. I am sure I have missed out on the many opportunities to receive what I put out. I will not deny myself the very thing I deserve. I don’t need to prove to anyone my strength, and ability to get shit done. I will now kick my feet up and enjoy the benefits of someone willing to lend a helping hand.  No longer will my pride answer for me. I still wont wait for others to get things done, but when offered I will take the help! Maybe some of these bumps along my journey will be a little bit smoother. #acceptthehelp #independentwomendeserveit #youdontalwayshavetodoitalone


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