Its only the beginning

Staring at the ceiling in my closet with the water stain, I immediately became frustrated. Just a couple of days ago, that wasn’t there. The only issue is I can’t call the Landlord because I am responsible for this shit. I actually bought this home. Then I thought back to the frustration of the home buying process, and my excitement of being a homeowner. I was one of the few in my family to own their own home. Where was that excitement when I looked at the stain, it had diminished. Buying the home was just the beginning, and I made a commitment to uphold my responsibilities that came along with being a home owner. Yeah you desire that car, body, children, and relationship/marriage but are you committed to the responsibilities that come along with it. The tangible aspect of achieving it and the emotional high that comes with obtaining that goal is momentarily. There is work that is required to be done to maintain the very things we desire, if we want them to last. That leak in my ceiling is a representation of my current foundation. A newly built home that represents my spiritual and emotional change. However the leak and where it is coming from defines some minor issues I am still seeking to overcome/heal from. A leak that is affecting me and unaware of where it comes from. I dare not envy others for their situation or their circumstances. I don’t know what it took for them to get there. Like my water stained ceiling, I am beautifully flawed. A work in progress. So once the excitement of the new job, big payout, or honeymoon phase light dims. Remember what you asked for comes with a price. A price that requires work to maintain, and responsibility. Be careful what you wish for…it is only easy in the beginning.


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