In a relationship are you productive?

I will be the first to admit, I think there is a purpose behind me still being single. For one, my expectations differ as I have aged. While we are constantly told to trust the process, many forget to pay close attention to the lessons within the process. I have learned that as time passes, every person you meet, and circumstance you encounter are pieces to your life’s puzzle. Right this very moment, I have something that needs to be completed. I have something that I am required to do prior to being committed. When in a relationship, I make myself second priority. It’s not that I won’t accomplish things, it just takes a bit longer. I have accomplished so much within the last year than I have in my long-term relationship. Being a people pleaser doesn’t help either.  In October I will be going on three years without a lack of partnership. The years have gone by so fast, but I have learned so much a long the way.  I wish I lived a normal life, but I guess I asked for this.  My life has become one that is not just about abundance but of spiritual meaning and understanding. Most people don’t even understand the world we live in. Everyday I am given 24 hours to do something productive, something purpose driven.  The first thing we say when we go through a break up, is the amount of time we wasted. How we could have done this, or could have done that. In relationships we should not fear becoming or growing into our fullest potential. If you are in a relationship where you feel like you have to limit your growth, that is not a healthy relationship. They are not watering you. A spouse should be supportive of any growth. Many times as women we are taught not to be an overachiever or to not focus on our individual goals. This is so wrong. Any growth within a partnership benefits both individuals. A real man will not feel insecure about you crushing your goals. Instead, he will walk beside you proud while aspiring to do the same. We all see the videos of women talking about their “glow up” after a break up. Skin is clear, back hitting the gym, and energy and love frequency is on 100. That is all good, but if she is not aware, she will fall right back into the cycle. Falling in love, getting comfortable, lack of self-care, break up, and glow up all over again. For me, I am trying something different. I am aware of my lack of productivity, and make sure that I will not repeat this cycle. Pay attention to you behaviors and always remember never allow another person to dim your light. Shine girl Shine!


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