The ocean is my sanctuary. The place I would go to escape reality. I always wondered what my connection to the Ocean was and now I know. If I was to ever make a connection between me and a thing, the ocean would be me. The salt water is cleansing spiritual and the beauty is calming. While staring at the ocean, it appears to have no end. The opportunities of what may be on the other side are endless. The body of water provides and supports many different forms of life. As peaceful and serene the ocean may be, it can also be destructive. When storms hit, the waves can be tragic to those that dare to swim its waters. That once beauty can be destructive to all that it encounters. In life there needs to be balance. To better understand and appreciate the beauty of life, we have to embrace the good and the bad. The reason I chose the photo of my son running on the sand for my book London’s prints is because what the photo represents. One of the most famous Christian poems “Footprints in the sand”,  is about an individual believing they were alone in their troubled time. To prove his belief, he had assumed that since their was only one set of footprints, they had to belong to him. God then renewed his own belief and faith by reminding him what he had seen was not the truth. “It was then that I carried you” God told him. As humans we always want answers or proof of things. We need something tangible or what the eyes can see. The photo I chose for the book represents a time in my life where I thought I walked alone. My son in the photo represents the plans God had for me, that I was unaware of. The ocean represent the peace and calm after the storm. An ocean with no end, that represents the life I have built for my son. My journey of healing was not only about me, but it provides a safe space and a space of love for my son’s life journey.  In the photo it appears that he is alone, but I was right behind him snapping the photo. In his life, I am positioned in that very spot to let him know I will be there for him to turn to. Like the poem “Footprints” my son has love surrounding him. Both here physically on this earth, and those that have spiritually passed on. I am learning to trust God and my spiritual guides, to lead me on the right path.  What I have learned will be passed on to my son as well. He represents a new generation. The renewal and breaking of old beliefs. The title London’s Prints is because of the uniqueness of a humans prints. My stillborn son is responsible for opening my eyes. He has led me on a journey of personal healing and building for his brother Micah. Everything I do, Everything I see has meaning. All that I have left of him is a set of footprints, but those very footprint led me on the path I am on today.


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