Fear used to live here but not anymore. Everything that I once feared, I’ve experienced. I came to realization yesterday after going to see the new horror film Annabelle. I do a lot of things alone but going to see a scary movie was not one of them. After watching an hour of a child being possessed with a demon, I went home more relaxed than usual. I used to be creeped out staying in the house alone but not yesterday. I came to realize that fear no longer resides within me. Everything I once feared has became a reality within my life. A reality in which I have overcame. I used to fear my truth. Fear others rejection. Fear the loss of relationships. The biggest fear was death. I no longer fear nothing on this earth. The only thing that makes me nervous is dying not living fearlessly.  I have detached myself from the outcome and decided to focus on my output. I’m okay with taking risk, because the fear that once resided within me has turned into motivation. Fear feeds my growth. Fear is no longer my disability. What do you fear? Face that fear because it is blocking you from your purpose.


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