Intoxicated love…

“A drunken mind speaks a sober heart”  a saying that I’ve heard a lot but in so many different ways. A French philosopher came up with this idea due to his own alcoholism.      I don’t know too many people that can say they have never encountered this behavior from a loved one. Beyoncé called it “drunk in love”, Chris Brown and a few other R&B artist called it drunk texting. Even country music tunes like Lady Antebellum “need you now” highlights this very statement. Scientifically they say the reason for this is because the thought process is delayed. Intoxicated love is being emotionally available when they are under the influence. I’m not so sure of the exact history, but was told that the reason they call liquor/wine stores spirits is because there is a biblical significance.  Under the influence their souls are free. Their words unrestricted and carefree. The thoughts of you burst through their pride, that will appear to them the next morning. They are as honest as a two year old, letting you know if they love you or hate you. Without the choice of drug they are stuck with the representative spirit. This is the spirit that you see everyday, that lacks emotions. The anger and confidence is just a role to play, outside of their internal insecurities and fear of rejection. One glass, two glasses, a bottle…the spirit is free. The vulnerability and lack of judgment is no longer behind a cage. Sometimes the loved ones support the intoxication, because that’s the only time they feel they are loved. If only they knew how to love you sober. If only they loved themselves when sober. What was once toxic can be unconditional #Love


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