Blame Game…

Everyone has played this game at some point in their life with a loved one. It is an unfair game that consist of insecure players. Players that are aware of the moves they made,  but not how it affects the emotions of their loved ones. I believe they are aware, just at the time their selfishness kicks in. Their need to win or be right, trumps their loved ones emotional state. We have all played this game, and even blamed others for our own decisions. It is easier to point the finger at someone else, than to hold yourself accountable. Understanding the part you play in the game, and the results of the relationship, is beneficial to your personal growth. Everyone has been talking about cheating in all of our popular television shows and media. This day and age, cheating and infidelity has becomes so easy due to technological advances. The dating apps that are specifically for hookups, and direct messaging, allow for emotional connections to be made via technology. Those emotional connections then lead to physical meet ups and eventually trust broken between a committed relationship. Once caught, there are those players that find themselves easing their conscious by blaming their partner. Blaming their partner for the decisions that they have made. When it comes to infidelity, the only person to blame is the one who acted out the behavior/action. It is important for the person being blamed, not to own this. When a person goes outside of the relationship, and makes the decision to break their commitment, they should only blame self. Even if there are issues within the committed relationship, communication should have occurred stating the issues within the relationship. The player should have also evaluated the pros and cons of their decision prior to acting on an immediate desire. Blaming someone else for your shortcomings denies you of the valuable lesson of self-discipline. Instead of confronting the players issue, they rather pass on the bucket to the loved one.  A bucket filled with all of the players personal issues for their loved one to carry. Outside of infidelity, there is the blaming for your current situation. The player blames their parents, family, job, or just about anything for their current circumstances. The cards you were dealt with all are a result of decisions you have made in the past. When confronted with them, it’s easier to pass on to others, as opposed to face the underlying issue…you! Blaming others is a lack of self-love. It is avoidance at its best. Until you stop blaming others for your lack of success, will you realize you hold the key to your future. Children result to the blame game in fear of being disciplined by an adult. Adults result to the blame game in fear of facing their underlying issues. It’s a temporary fix for a long-term problem, and until confronted, the cycle of blame will repeat itself.  The person will continue to encounter the same situations with different people, and the same results. Until they realize they are responsible, they will remain stagnant. The player of the blame game will always lose in the end.



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