I am Molly! No, I’m not referring to the street drug, but the actress that feeds off of the temporary love high. The success, her melanin, her drive, and independence turns men into boys. They lack commitment when it comes to her because her idea of love is “unrealistic”. She is what all the men claim to look for, but fear the responsibility of loving someone so strong.  My girlfriend and I have reviews every week, as a check in and life lesson session. After hearing about each other’s week, she immediately asks, so what did you think of the episode? First of all Issa, a half hour is not enough time. It’s a teaser but touches way too close to home. I can honestly say I connect with both Issa and Molly with their current circumstances. However, right now I am Molly! Molly last season finally realized and acknowledged that maybe she had issues with relationships and guys committing. Been there! She sought out counseling, which ended pretty quickly, but the counselor opened up her attention to her love life. As a black woman, you will see that we can be overachievers. I say this because the busyness keeps us distracted from the areas we lack, including love. A lot of successful black women lack in the love department because of our upbringing. We become so independent, that the role of the man is under appreciated, and they feel like there is no need for them. This is not the case! In the case of Molly she gets the temporary fix, not the forever love. She doesn’t need a man, but wants one. She is embarking on this self discovery and is particular about who she wants to be in a relationship with. This is key, Molly has had many opportunities for a relationship, however they did not meet her personal needs. She recently found out that her parents long term relationship was not perfect. This portrayal of perfect love from her parents, gave her unrealistic beliefs of love and being loved. Love is perfect, people are not. Relationships require work and a commitment to work together. It doesn’t mean that love isn’t there. It means the couple has to be reminded of the true definition of love. I am Molly! The girl that enjoys the high of the temporary love men provide, and hate myself for the lows when they are unavailable for a fix. Molly wants security, and something constant. She currently struggles with her worth and investment in work as well as her personal life. Although she deserves the honesty, love, and friendship Dro provides, she deserves someone full time. Someone that works just as hard as her. She is on this journey of discovering what love is all about and how it comes in different forms. She is learning that relationships are tailored to the two who decided to commit. She is learning that this is her life. She is able to write the script. That she is responsible for deciding what works for her or not. When you are in a position to provide for yourself, a lot of black men find being emotional is expensive. We are in a surface society with people who value material things. Molly may find this confusing but her experience with Dro is necessary. He is there to break all her previous beliefs and open her heart and mind to the possibilities that love can provide. See in this love game, it’s about finding what works and compliments you. When you realize that you make the rules everything else will follow. Love comes in so many ways and if your eyes are closed to what your not used to, you may just miss it. Finding love is finding someone that opens your heart to all of its possiblilities. Every love experience is a lesson. Hi I’m Molly and my successful ass is currently addicted to the temporary high of a noncommittal relationship.


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