My Lesson from Speed Dating

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First of all, I was very hesitant about going. Anyone that knows me, knows I wait for no one to have a good time. I bought the ticket a few weeks prior to the event, as I always told myself to try everything at least once. I tried on a million outfits, and did a complete transformation from what I looked like while working from home. I had to apply heat to my hair, and wear my snug fitting denim during my first few days of my cycle. Mother nature decided to join me a few days prior, and I was feeling beyond bloated. Before the event I sat and ate nachos, and procrastinated the transformation process. The process of me changing from the pauper to Cinderella. I wasn’t in the mood to get “dolled up”, but when you don’t want to go, go. Every time that I am resistant to attend an event, I always end up having a good time. There was no fear, but as a perfectionist, I wanted to be prepared. The outfit I had in my head the last two weeks, failed me. I had no idea how the event would go, or just initiating conversation with a complete stranger could be awkward. Philadelphia is an hour away from my home, but is the central place of entertainment. The event was to begin promptly at 7:00 PM, and I left my home at 6:45 PM. You do the math! I made a few phones calls to receive some moral support. I really wanted someone to talk me out of going. Everyone has that occasion when they call someone just to confirm or validate their issue. Unfortunately, in my particular case, I only surround myself with people who hold me responsible for my own decisions. Of course,  I chose them for a reason. I didn’t need them to promote this event tonight. I wanted them to say turn back around and spend some cuddle time with your son. The first call says “Do what you think you should do.” Then my mother, my new hype man, “Girl go, I’m praying for you!” Praying for me? I’m not about to die, I’m going to speed dating.  Her prayers where for me to find someone who makes me and my son happy, because she believes I deserve it. Every mother wants the best for their child, but this woman has seen my struggle. She knows me beyond her daughter, but also as the woman I have become. Fuck it! I decided to keep driving.  I came late but I wasn’t the only one. I was number 78 of the women. I was one of the very few women in attendance by themselves. Most of the women appeared to grab their work buddies or single friends to provide support. I didn’t go to look for love. I attended the event to network and meet professionals. I did find love though. I did not know this photo was taken and found it on the promoters Facebook page this morning. This photo symbolized the very lesson I learned last night at speed dating. In a room of over 70 women, I felt such a sense of security within myself as a woman. No competition, as I am a rare commodity. My sense of individualism, and uniqueness exuded beyond the crowd. My ability to stand alone and connect with other spirits. It was beyond the flat-ironed hair, and the outfit that made the cut. My spirit shined that night. The faces the men made when asked “what do I do?” I sensed that I’m not for everybody, and that’s okay. I am beyond this vessel, my accolades, or current position. I am a woman driven by purpose, with the healing ability of a Goddess. I have loved beyond societies surface love. I gave to others when I was broken. I have taught lessons while still learning. As unique as my fingerprints, I stood beyond the crowd. I allowed my light to shine, and attending speed dating I found love within me. I stayed for a little beyond the event, and decided to skip out before the speed dating portion was over. There were a few guys that seemed intrigued with me and my presence, but like Cinderella I left with very little information available to them . I advise everyone to try it one day. It was very interesting and a great way to network with other individuals. These were my lessons learned from speed dating!

P.S. That beautiful chocolate thing in the stripped shirt, in the middle of the room…that’s me!



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