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Its been heavy on my heart for the past few days, to talk about the recent extreme changes within our weather. I don’t watch the news for my own personal reasons, but have followed hurricane Irma. The news has been filled with so much tragedy and sorrow, I felt the need to speak on it. Growing up, I wasn’t forced to go to church, but God, and Christianity was a big part of my upbringing.  I recall my mother telling me the story of the end times, and how the bible explains it in detail. I used to fear this very thing because death was once my number one fear. As I have become older and wiser, I realize the symbolism of the bible and the stories told. I do believe these are the end times, but not for the existence of the world and the beings within it. The end times is a catastrophic event that occurs that changes the way we function and shifts the way we think. Things around us are falling apart forcing us to work together as a people.  When I found out my son was to be born stillborn, my world stopped. The news hit me like a hurricane, unexpectedly and damaged how I viewed life, and affected all of the loved ones close to us. That very traumatic event changed my life, and forced me to value life on a deeper level. A level in which I became obsessed with my personal growth and living in a purpose. A purpose that was outside of myself and one that would be a service to others. The world around us and our environment is speaking to us. The universe is bringing a halt to our lives and reminding us all of what truly is important. When tragedy hits, nothing of material significance matters. Not the house, car, or even your title matters at that moment. We have all seen in the past few days, peoples lives being completely flipped upside down. They are losing everything they have ever worked hard for, but many still have life. The violence, crooked politicians, and events occurring amongst us are a sign. A sign that we are not living right. We are being forced to work in unity and to help our neighbors. Our society has lost sight of what life is all about. We cannot control everything, However, we can control ourselves and our own actions. This shift and the destruction of what we thought we knew, is an opportunity to be reborn. We are being reminded of what truly is important. Love for humanity, for self, and our environment.


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