Puppy Love

I recall being young and in love. The elders would call it “puppy love”, terms they used to express young innocent love. After my experience today with my son, I think it’s the elders/adults that got it all wrong. Okay, maybe not all wrong, but they could learn a thing or two from “puppy love”. Today I got my tail back in the gym and did my normal workout. After I did my thing, I headed back to the childcare center to grab my son. As we were walking out of the YMCA, Micah ran into a classmate. I never met the young girl but she sure knew who my son was. The mother was originally distracted by whatever she was trying to do, until she heard her daughter call my son’s name. She immediately looked at me and asked “Is his name Micah?”. I responded “yes” and watched as she repeated the question to her daughter. The little girl, I will refer to as jasmine, was standing holding my son’s hand staring into his eyes. The mother turned to me and said “Ever since she started school, she would come home and tell me she was going to marry Micah.” Now, I had to give it to this little girl, she knew what she wanted, and at the tender age of five. I’m not going to lie, it hurt me a bit to see some other girl so head over heels over this beautiful chocolate boy. Her mother and I stood in awe at her presence and admiration for my son. All the while my beautiful five-year old son was completely oblivious as to what was going on. He started trying to give her high fives, and create a special handshake. He then proceeded to give her a hug but reminded her that it was just a “friend” hug. The mother and I exchanged numbers to set future play dates for the two and jasmine had a hard time saying goodbye. As a mother, I now understand what it feels like to meet that special someone. I know they are only five, but it was a sneak peek into what I truly dreaded.  The young girl’s mother was a nurse practitioner. Jasmine seemed to come from a good family. I told her maybe we could think about this arrangement twenty years from now. This little girl stole my heart, because her intentions were so pure and kind. She admired the child that I created. Just like a typical guy, Micah was clueless and focused on what we were about to do next (as he should have been at that age).  Jasmine whose name is not really jasmine, reminded me of the character off of Aladdin. She looked middle eastern or of Indian descent. They never not once cared about nationality, religious backgrounds, nor what we as the mothers thought. Something intrigued jasmine about my son. She was gentle and fearless and didn’t have a worry in the world about trust, or being hurt. Her heart was open and fearless. She took a chance and expressed her feelings regardless of what my son may have felt. She wanted him to know she felt something special about him. Fast forward twenty years from now Jasmine most likely will not have that same confidence. She may be afraid to share her feelings with someone because we all fear rejection. Her heart most likely will have been broken by some high school jerk. She may have beginning signs of trust issues, and love in pieces. My son was extremely distracted but instantly took to the energy she was giving him. Puppy love is the most purest innocent form of love. That is what I want to get back to. The adult understanding of love is a result of negative experiences. At first, I always wondered how I would feel when Micah started dating, but after meeting Jasmine today she eased my mind. Why wouldn’t I want my son to experience a love that is unconditional. Why as human beings are we so territorial. Not allowing our loved ones to experience love from different places, including the opposite sex. Jasmine taught me today to love like I have never been hurt, and to take chances in love. Puppy love is the purest form of love, adult love, and views on love, can be tainted because of previous relationships. Puppy Love is fearless and guided by our internal compass, our heart. My job as Micah’s mother is to raise a gentleman. A man who respects and values women. I’m sure one day some girl is going to break his heart, but hopefully he will learn from me that there is love after loss.


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