The season finale of Insecure…

I enjoy interpreting literature and film, just as much as I enjoy watching well written shows. I would love to have a convo with Issa in person, but until then, I will share my perspective via my very own blog platform. Issa if your looking for someone to help write for next season, look no further. This is my personal take on the show. So, there was a lot of emotions and situations from the cast to share in just the span of a half an hour. Issa and lawerence alone could have consumed that entire time. Since Issa is the main character I will start with her. Issa currently is frustrated with the way everything is going. Not only did she feel liked she “fucked up” a good thing with Lawrence (because as black women, we feel a good black man is hard to come by), but she is being extremely hard on herself about her choices. The affects of the relationship are starting to catch up with her, and she feels like she is getting the short end of the stick. We have all been there, where the world we knew, seemed to be crashing all around us. In reality, things are being shaken up because Issa is resisting change. She encounters her ex Lawrence in a new relationship where she creates this idea that he is extremely happy with the new woman. She believes in her mind that he has completely forgot about her. The truth is, he still has love for her but the way things ended is affecting his ability to start over. We have all been in relationships where we have lost the sense of ourselves. Trying to maintain the spark of the relationship while fighting individual battles. When the relationship goes sour it is not just on one party but both. It took time apart for them to evaluate there situation and realize that through the hardships, love still remained. Loving someone doesn’t mean that you are meant to be together but starting over doesn’t always mean you start with a clean slate. Whatever issues you had within the previous relationship you are bound to carry on the new one if they were never acknowledged, and or resolved. I think Lawrence is jumping into things to quickly, as he needs time to himself to resolve his underlying issues, and remain focused on his career.  Issa the outsider looking in is making life harder for herself. As a result of the pain she caused Lawrence, she is punishing herself. Once you have the mentality of what else could go wrong, trust me something else will go wrong. She is trying this “Hoe” phase that is not working out for her. I believe she is trying to correct her mistake in any way she can but she keeps creating more problems. The relationship she has with the DJ guy is good for her. Although he may want more, I think at some point they will establish a healthy friendship. He is a seasonal guy, the guy that helps Issa forget about her issues and fills her cup. Now that I think of it, most of the cast are currently in seasonal relationships, especially Molly. 

Everyone disagrees with Molly and Dro, I personally think he is imperative to Molly’s growth process. Dro outside of his marital status and open relationship, reminds Molly of “who the fuck she is”. Molly was having issue within her value at work and in her social life. Meeting up with Dro opened her eyes to how others view her. Sometimes as women we need that. Dro’s situation on the other hand is a tailored relationship that works for him and his wife. Who can say they are wrong when it works for them? I know personally that along with these situations come emotions and confusion, but can be beneficial to Molly while she is in the meantime. I think one of the biggest moments during this season was Molly finding out about her parents imperfect marriage. I struggle with my idea of relationships as I realize how unique they can be. We are taught that marriage and children should be the end result, but not everyone truly desires that. A commitment between two people should be a commitment they have made amongst themselves, and how they work and manage that commitment is between them. The encounter that Molly had with her parents, changed her idea of the happy ending and made her question her views on relationships. Do we as women have unrealistic ideations of relationships?  I blame Disney for this. Everyone in the show whether attached or not is growing out of there own insecure phases. Each and every character has an aspect of their life they are insecure about. While they are figuring things out, there will be people they meet along the way. Each to teach them they lessons they need at that time. I know after my divorce I had the “remind her who the fuck she is guy” and the guy that I wanted to rush things with, which displayed my lack of patience for the process. Where they are now is exactly where they need to be to prepare them for the next stage. It broke my heart to see Issa display her dreams of her and Lawrence, only for him to leave with a goodbye after displaying his love. If they are meant to be they will be. There is a process they need to go through to prepare them for that stage that Issa dreamed of. Love hurts sometimes especially when it’s being forced or comes at the wrong time. I’m still team Lawrence. I appreciate the show displaying the evolution of relationships and love. From women being sexually liberated, to open relationship, and same sex relationships.  The most important thing about the show is that no matter who you may be attached to, your responsible for your individual growth.  People are constantly changing and growing whether in a relationship or not. The insecure cast is showing the process of change. Change is not perfected overnight it is a process of constant decision making. It is trial and error even through your insecurities.

By the way… I don’t own the rights to these photos. 


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