It all started with a bouquet of roses and and a hanging flower arrangement for my home.  A nice bottle of red wine, and a whispered promise of dreams I once had. I held unto those dear flowers for my life, as they were the first gifts I received after all the pain. That night I was seen through the eyes I wished would remain for the rest of my life. The eyes of appreciation for the life I gave, and the woman I had become. With time those flowers began to wilt, and today was the day I finally threw them out. I wasn’t consistent and neither was he. The flowers would go days without water but withstood the summer and high heat. Those beautiful flowers began to wilt because the love and care just wasn’t something I could give. I would go days without remembering to care for them. They just weren’t my priority. I gave up on the plant because I am not the one with a green thumb. My ability to care or acknowledge the importance of greenery has just never been my thing. I appreciated its beauty when they were nicely cared for, but disliked its appearance when the petals became wilted. I gave up on continuing to breathe life into that plant. Now I understand there are just some things people are incapable of doing. Today, I saw its potential of what it could be, if I only invested time in watering it properly. Filling it up with water and light, just to see it grow and flourish. Instead I made a choice. A choice to throw it away and start over. I will stick with the fake plants for now since they are easier to care for. Now I see, why he did not choose me. I needed light and love and that was too much of a distraction from what he was used to. I required from him, something he was unable to provide me at the time. In the end, he threw it all away. He decided that the fake flowers, the ones that withstand his lack of emotions and care are good for now. It all started with flowers and a bottle of red wine. I never ask for much. The things I require should come naturally. My petals began to weep, and once he threw me away, I had no choice but to start all over again. Flowers 


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