Last time

I recall speaking to a friend of mine about my process and interest in writing a blog. This was almost a year ago. My goal was to eventually branch off and focus on my book, and the time has finally come. Before, I started writing I needed to change the way I shared my story. I didn’t want to repeat my story to the point I would attract the very things I spent all this time healing from. I knew that I wanted to tell my story from a place of appreciation and peace. It took me almost six years to get here, but time has passed and the memory still remains like yesterday. Healing is a process that takes time, and it varies from person to person. I want to be clear that the contents of my story will be shared through the book, and will be the last time I share my views from the old Kieona. I am currently in the process of writing myself a new story. A story in which I control. I have become so aware of my thoughts on this journey, and have seen so many changes with how I process things outside of myself. This book is for me and my son. Of course I want to touch as many people as possible, however I will be fulfilled with just one. My story was my journey, my perception of everything that occurred around me through my eyes. It was my personal experience. Everyone has their own experience and perspective of every situation. This is my last blog…and last time to share my story of loss from the views of my old self. Londosnprints2017


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