He was physically incarcerated for the crimes he had committed. I was mentally, through my continued negative thoughts. All of these years I played the victim or as the innocent bystander to the death of my spirit. The disconnect between my love for my self. He committed the crime through his behaviors, while I consciously made an emotional decision to just sit back and watch. Powerless. In reality and in my truth, I was an accomplice. The same thing that made him serve time,  the lies he told himself. He really believed that he was riding in that car with others of ill intent, unknowingly to commit a robbery. Associating with people that he knew were up to no good. Loving him, I did the same. I was riding shotgun to the crime, the death of my spirit, a robbery of my heart, and vision of myself. I was guilty, knowing damn well he had no sense of direction. I was an accomplice to the death of the old me.

The hurtful truths of a girl on a self-love journey…


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