Family Tree…

Thank you!Happy Blogversary to me! It all started with my vision for a book, and lead to me taking baby steps through blogging. Today it has been officially a year and I can say I am so proud of my progress. Trust me there were a lot of days of self-doubt, fear, and concern of others opinion, but I made it through. I give thanks to God, the universe, the higher powers that be, and London. I have to give most of my thanks to myself for following through with a commitment I made to myself. God provided me with the vision and I was able to execute it. London, your light shined through that dark moment in my life, thank you for lighting my path to an abundant life. I am living! Life used to be happening to me, now I am actively participating as a co-creator in this tangible dream. Thank you to all who have supported me through my writing. I would have never imagined reaching audiences internationally such as China, India, Nigeria, and Ireland just to name a few! Social media can be a gift or a curse, but when utilized by positive energy, it is transferred throughout the platform to all who are ready to receive it. I am extremely grateful. I have been told that I have a strong personality,  am very opinionated, and pretty much have been told to shut up all my life. Well, sorry to say  I have a mission and purpose to fulfill and I don’t think that will be happening any time soon.



So, my spiritual sister and I were talking today about one of our very common subjects…family. Most people spend some time in their life trying to find the missing pieces from their family tree. Ancestry DNA, and other companies are making huge profit off people trying to find the “physical” history of their family. Giving them some insight into where they come from. However, the family tree we discuss is the prior seeds the generation before us have planted. I was told about three scriptures that were given to me at birth by a spiritual healer. Psalm 51: Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me. I don’t want to call it a bad seed, but more so a toxic seed in which my family tree was created. Although it was toxic, it grew. See a seed can still grow and flourish by being watered with negativity. That toxic seed that was planted for me created a series of agreements I made wityhin myself of things that were far from my true being. My loved ones poured into these negative agreements only confirming further for me the very negative things I felt about myself. People can pour into you, but it does not always mean that it is nourishing you. My family trees were only taught to grow to a certain point, if you try to outgrow the others, you think your better than. For me, I decided to cut the hold damn tree down, and start from scratch. The rings on my trunk did not represent the physical age but the age of pain within my family. I wanted to go beyond seeing the faces of the people who share my blood and last name. I want to understand their dreams, physical health and mental health. We are all an extension of each other with similar upbringings, but I have a different perspective.  The air my family trees provided was toxic and I needed to be renewed and restored.  So my question to you is what seeds are you planting?

family of trees

P.S. Stay tuned for my self-love project called HOME.




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