Anticipation is a huge part of the manifestation process. The anticipation factor allows us to use our imagination and create ideal outcomes for any situation. The key component of anticipation is to monitor  your emotions and make sure you imagine the best possible outcome. This is tricky, because if things don’t go as you originally anticipated, it can be discouraging. However, we have to learn to detach ourselves from the outcome and know that whatever the result is… we will be okay. When you anticipate something with a good feeling, you go into the situation with a positive outlook and good energy. On the opposite of this, with previous experience, we tend to find comfort in imaging the worst possible outcome. We don’t realize but creating or imagining a scenario with negative feelings towards it,  sets the tone for the experience. I see a lot of myself within my son, and learn a lot from watching him grow. Yesterday, we made a visit to the hospital because he has been running a fever. Ever since he got the flu shot, his immune system has been compromised. My son, like most children, dislikes visiting the doctors because of their fear of getting a shot. He continuously asked me whether this would be a part of his visit. I told him that he would not have to worry about getting a shot and that we just wanted to confirm he just had a cold. Even with his illness, he had very high energy and was extremely social as usual. The nurses and physicians immediately fell in love with his curiosity and manners. They had won his trust!  The nurse told me they were going to run a few test to check for the flu virus. It has been a while since I worked in the hospital and had no clue of how they ran these new test. She told me that she would have to swab his nose, similar to the strep testing procedure. She briefly explained to my son what she planned to do, and caught him off guard. She stuck the swap up his nose to the point he began to gag and then cry. His trust for her was done.

Fast forward, the next day I went to purchase saline spray for his nose. He has been feeling much better but not completely himself. As soon as we got to the car I opened the packaging to the saline spray. I wanted to help clear his nasal passage, as his nose has been bothering him.  As soon as I brought the bottle to his nose he panicked. He began to cry as he anticipated the pain he endured the other day at the hospital. He anticipated trauma.  As he was crying I couldn’t help but sympathize for him as his reaction was valid. I completely understood him because I have been there many times. Reacting to a situation, creating and anticipating an outcome that I did not want to experience. I saw my son create resistance to a situation that was nothing like the other day. He was ready to avoid something because of his previous experience. Of course, as his mother I was able to calm him down. I showed him what it was like by practicing on myself first. I was able to ease his fear to allow him to anticipate a different outcome. In life we create so much resistance and avoid situations all out of fear and previous traumas.  God, like the nurse, catches us off guard and place us in those very situations we fear and avoided. Only to realize that it wasn’t as bad as we anticipated, and that we will be okay!

I have been anticipating court this upcoming week in regards to custody and my request to relocate. I have created every negative and positive scenario in my head.  I am learning to detach myself from the outcome because in the end, I will be okay. That guy you have been anticipating to speak to, your anticipation of that public speaking event, or anticipation of what tomorrow brings. Remember to imagine and create a scenario with love and positive energy. Just know, that whatever the outcome you will be okay!


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