I’m sure I will receive a lot of backlash in regards to this post, but I felt compelled to share my opinion. The term “woke” in the black community is another term utilized to divide us amongst our own people. The term “woke” is being used to define those who have awakened to the historical, governmental, religious, financial, physical, and mental untruths that have been told for generations to people of color and other cultures. The term “woke” is the past tense of the term “wake”,  which is defined as emerging from a state of sleep. It is a state of consciousness and clarity of the wrongdoings and complexities of the world we live in. However, many that have evolved in this state of awakening look down on those who have yet to evolve, or educate themselves in regards to these issues within the black communities. My concern with the “woke” community is it has become more of a cult. Labeling gives it a sense of separation from the norm. If you are not like the ones within the group you are not accepted due to your opposing beliefs. We have gained knowledge and tools that our ancestors were unable to attain, yet we become a part of the problem as opposed to the solution. Many continue to blame the actions of the oppressors rather than seek ways to enrich and teach the youth. Life for all contains that state of awakening, in which one recognizes the way they are living requires a change.

A state of consciousness is the awareness that our beliefs systems need rewiring. To be awakened is to understand and respect this process for others. Instead of force feeding others your findings, guide them lovingly to their own path of enlightenment. The greatest teacher is through experience. Words do not teach. Only through experiences do the words on the page come alive and spark a familiarity. Titles are merely just that…titles. They are labels we place on ourselves that many people attach themselves too. When you are whole and on the path to becoming consciously aware you understand the limitations you place on yourself by defining yourself through titles. A title is a box we place ourselves in. The very people that use titles to confirm the validity of their behaviors, and actions, are mostly contradictions to what they are representing. They state their titles only for them to believe they are who they say. “I’m a Christian…” so I would never say or do that. I am…is a personal affirmation. Most people who “walk it like I talk it” need not to explain to anyone who they are.

I am aware of the pain our ancestors have suffered and the affects of slavery. However, it is like a bad relationship. Our ancestors fought for our freedom only for the “woke”community to remain stuck in the space of our pain. When we decided to move from the very space of pain into love will we really have done our healing. Being awakened requires reflection. moving out of the victim stage and regaining control. If we just sit back and talk about what happened to us instead of moving forward how “woke” are we? The movement is amazing, and powerful but we are at a stand still. Being awakened does not mean to hate the oppressors, any enlightened individual will tell you to wish them well. “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” An awakening and rewiring of the brain is a solo journey. If forced or done with anger it is useless. Channel the anger into solutions fueled by a desire for change. This is a journey not just about color but of the awareness that love truly is the answer. The ability to be a survivor and move beyond the pain that was caused and to build a better tomorrow. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and realize the body you are in is the only one you control. You will then see that through your conscious thoughts, actions, and personal growth will you be the change that you want to see in the world. Now you can open your eyes….

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