Little meI always wonder if my relationship with my father as a little girl was more than just the weekend…would my expectations of men be greater than them just showing up? Not leaving me on the stoop waiting for them to play their part. On the weekends they would give me their somewhat attention as a sense of obligation or duty. During the week, the absence left me to question our relationship. My normalization of the trauma from my childhood experiences has tremendously affected my dating life. Leaving me to question those who are consistent, willing to step up to the plate providing the very things I need, and deserve. We as women will find every excuse to deny ourselves true unconditional love. When things go smoothly, no stress, and consistency but argue with a man mirroring to us his unwillingness to accept the love we desire to give. Our frustration with him is a mirror to our feelings of unworthiness and our willingness to be available to who is unavailable to us. One day a man will pick you up from the stoop you sat waiting on all week. Wipe the tears from your eyes and show up not just physically but also emotionally. There will be no confusion as to his intentions, just remember to not be available when the weekend comes.

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