This was written as a result of realizing I wanted something more with someone who was no where near ready for a commitment! This was the second time in the past two years a man has pretty much told me that a relationship was not what they wanted, and months later that’s what they pursued. I was home to them, a place to heal for them to start all over again. As a healer, I have to be mindful of where I exert my energy and if it is being reciprocated or appreciated. I have to be home to myself. It hurt my heart to hear he gave her everything I asked him for. When things did not go accordingly he came back to me, and I opened my door to console his heart only for him to leave again. Leaving me feeling rejected.

Instead of texting you I figured I would write.

My words written hold more value than sharing them with you while your on another page

We spend so much time searching for the one

Someone just like us… but where is the fun.

How can you evolve connecting with someone just like you?

She is what you want…and I am what you need.

As I give you me…you give me experiences. I value the lessons in learning to love one as is.

I know nothing last forever but I wished you would’ve choose to stay longer. Every time I see you I’m reconnecting with what could’ve been. The times spent together become a faint memory of the past when I want to be your present. They say love is a game and I refuse to play. I just wished you were as woke to your needs, as opposed to your environment and those around you.

I have learned a lot this year but I have realized I need to continue blogging as this was the platform that created my memoir London’s Prints. I am back WordPress community. Happy New Years Eve!

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