Good morning beautiful…

Good morning beautiful…

The basic half ass endearing text that may attract most women

For me I need and want more

This text probably auto populated on your smart phone as it has been used for every new chick of interest

I’m sure Siri is aware of the rotation

I need and desire substance and depth

I need a man to cut beneath the forbidden fruit to find the sweetness that has been protected by a thick skin

A skin that has been a barrier for the many times I have fallen

How surface are you?

Do you fear getting to know me because you failed to seek the true you?

My beauty is beyond the physical

Tell me my soul is beautiful

That you love my kindness and empathy

That my independence and confidence sparks your interest

That my sensitivity and femininity reminds you of how a real woman should be

Recite something you seen me write

Create a nickname just for me, something we created from our first night

Peel through my layers and dig deeper then the beauty in the morning

You will be

Surprised to find how much I shine in the night.

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