Home away from home…

When you hear the word vacation…what automatically pops into your mind? Most people think of beaches, sand, drinks in hand, and good vibes. Financially most people don’t do this very often due to the lack of financial resources. Never taking the time to just be or recharge their batteries. Sometimes we just need to escape but all it takes is a shift in our perspective and an abundance of love from friends and family. I have found a home away from home. A place where I can escape my reality and be loved just for being me. I feel terrible at times because they can feel my energy. Anytime that I am off they know how to keep me balanced. Laughter is our medicine as we engage in “soulful laughs”. The type where your belly hurts from the impact of humor, and tears fall from the corners of our eyes from the “good pain” of our muscles contracting. A place where I am not judged, and comforted. A place where healing takes place. A place where I feel home away from home, and it’s not the physical house. It’s the people within it.

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