I walk around with a spiritual noose around my neck

Generationally designed beyond his anticipated 300 years

306 years has transcended and transitioned from the physical to pure mental

Keep the body, take their mind

Instill fear, distrust, and envy just to name a few

Talk about creating generational wealth on the backs of black women

Our submission to society and labor

Hell right I’m angry

Raising a child alone, knowing this wasn’t meant to be

Yet I have seen this amongst the best before me

My DNA craves the love of a black man

Family foundation and a culture far from that which was given to us

How sad has it become that I am the black mans last pick

Stripped naked and beaten by society

His masculinity torn, leaving the black woman to Man up

Reversing roles only to consciously later regain her femininity

My air becomes restricted every time the black man denies me

His spiritual connection and evolution are never invested in black women like me

I’m too close to the field

The laborer slaving in the sun.

The closer you were to being in the house

The more valuable you become

Our work ethic is acknowledged from the man in power

We stand front line to protect our men

Yet we are left unprotected

Being chosen over queens our conscious kings that claim to be woke

That resemble European features

The more successful he is

Depending on where he falls under master’s tree

He will deny me

Won’t look my way

Once creators now have become strangers

As a result of a psychological experiment

Intended for the use of horses

To break the black families like the noose

on a slaves neck during a lynching.

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