Insight Vol.1

Guys, I have finally completed my second book and first volume of my two volume series of poetry books. I am beyond excited and wanted to share. If you’re interested in grabbing a copy, I am currently direct shipping myself. They will be available on and Barnes and Nobel shortly. Until then, email me or DM for purchase directions. This is a movement. Insight was written and inspired as IN-sight is our internal guidance system. There are so many people out there selling their keys to success to vulnerable people. My writings are a reminder that everything you seek is already within you. EX-periences are the external factors that aide us in the evolution of ourselves. However gaining Insight and going within, will give us the answer and clarity you seek. Most of my writing just came to me at random moments. Some call it spirit, some call it God. I believe it was my internal spirit and my internal God. Delivering messages effortlessly through me to share with the world. I hate to be biased or a feminist but this book is dedicated to women. However, men can also find some inspiration through my writings. This book would be a great gift for a friend going through something, or anyone that needs a reminder of their power. I originally intended on making this short, However contact me via email for details. Today, I gave birth to my second baby, Insight. Happy Birthday!

Contact me via Instgram @Londons_prints or Facebook @ Kieona Fairley

or via email:

kieonafairley cover

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