Connect through words written…



I ENVY the girl that dances like no one was watching.

Most of the other women spent hours trying to find something to wear

While she went for a simple black ensemble with a pair of sneakers

She was comfortable, as here outfit was a reflection of her relationship with herself.

Comfortable in her own skin

She didn’t come to impress, she came to dance

Taking over the dance floor with no liquid courage in hand

An Asian woman with a curvy figure

Dancing to Caribbean tunes in a predominantly black club

Completely letting go of her inhibitions not giving a fuck who was watching

She was completely rebellious, not your typical idea of what society thought she should be.

I wished the loud music would turn. Down the thoughts in my head

To allow me to focus on that very moment

To be able to do exactly what I came to do.

Dance away the stress and pain from the last few weeks

To allow my body to escape to foreign lands because my pockets can’t physically take me there yet.

I was aware of everyone around me afraid not to do too much …with a wine that was restricted not by the skirt but by my thoughts.

I realized there is such a connection in women’s sensuality and dancing. A woman’s confidence exudes through her dance. Her sensuality most likely works for her beyond the dance floor. Leaving all insecurities behind.

Most women go and complain they don’t want to sweat their hair out. Their feet hurt, or don’t want to mess up their makeup. They stand with resting bitch faces in an outfit they spent hours and money to find to look good for that very moment. Uptight, more concerned about being the baddest in the room instead of embracing there unique sensuality.

The young woman reached for me to join her.

She even slapped me across my ass to motivate me to move. She was so much younger than me…why did it take me this long to get this. Let go. Burn a few calories while dancing to your favorite tunes. Dance like I do in front of the mirror at home with no one watching. Sex would be so much better if I got out of my head like I did on the dance floor. The experience is not about the outsiders. Its all about you. Doing what makes you feel good regardless who is watching. You can’t buy confidence. The women all dolled up in fear of messing up their outfit paid for; a mask of Confidence. While this young confident and sensual woman got the experience. To dance the night away like it will be her last time.



This appears to be the worst thing that could happen but he needed to get him alone. In a place where no one else could control the outcome but him. To silence out the noise and remove the distractions. We spend a lot of time trying to do God’s work through trying to make things happen. When we do we create a catastrophe of a mess. Stepping into someone else karma will hurt everyone that played a role in the protection of the individual. Because when god is purposeful there is nothing no human can do to change the outcome.


Crumble and Fall…

Unfortunately life doesn’t get easier

In fact, life challenges will increase

People don’t just stop mistreating you

Or relationship issues cease

Some loved ones may remain stunted within their growth

As much as you love them…the way to show them is to let them go

Bills will be there

Destruction of the government

Loved ones will pass away

Hurt people will continue to hurt people

And as much as you want to save the world

You think of it in a collective or as a whole

Instead change the world through you

I realized I will never find peace from external factors.

The human experience is all about differing levels of consciousness

The world around you may crumble and fall

You have to find your peace within

Darkness always comes along with the night

In knowing this you can find peace that the sun comes in the morning.